HR Information Systems (HRIS) are integrated systems that are used to gather, store and analyse information.

HR Information SystemsAs a business grows and employs more people,  the amount of records and data increases, and can easily become unwieldy. An HRIS provides the software necessary to collect, record, store, manage, deliver, present and manipulate the data need to manage the growing workforce.

Systems like our own PBS HR software offer a range of functions from the simple storage of information such as job history, pay history, contact and emergency contact details. They can also perform operational transactions such as keeping and calculated holiday and attendance records, identifying when compliance checks need to be made, e.g. driving licence checks. They also can identify what assets or property have been issued to which employee, e.g. mobile phones or laptops. An HRIS can also offer a decision support function such as identifying absence or turnover rates, or flagging when a particular employee’s absence levels require attention.

HR Information Systems

The increased use of web technology to deliver HRIS allows employees to manage much of their own HR administrative work, either from the office, at home or when they are out and about vial their smart phones or tablets. Using an HRIS self-serve function employees can book leave, submit time sheets, and even change their own basic data address, phone number, etc. Saving time and money.

Also by linking the system to clocking devices or absence recording systems many routine transactions such as collating clocking information or reconciling absence reporting to attendance records can be automated.

HRIS increase efficiency and accuracy. HRIS systems don’t leave transactional task to later, and they don’t make calculation errors!

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