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Why work with People Based Solutions?

Choosing to effectively and compliantly manage your people shouldn’t break the bank.
That’s why we offer solutions designed to maximise your people potential and minimise the impact on your budget. With People Based Solutions, you’ll access enterprise level HR documents, systems and advice at a fraction of the cost of a full time HR department.

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Outsourced HR Solutions

HR Services

Whatever your organisantional needs, we have the perfect HR support package for you.


Our experienced team can help guide you through any requirements, from ‘onboarding’ to disciplinary.


Clear and accurate pricing

Enjoy a simplified pricing structure that’s crystal clear and affordable, with no hidden  fees or charges.




Save time, money and stress with our all-in-one and user-friendly system.


Verde HR allows you to be in control of your organisation, whatever its size.

Help with Health & Safety

Relax knowing you’re managing your health and safety obligations effectively with expert advice from the professionals.


About Us

Managing people and other HR processes can be a daunting, complex and time-consuming task for small and medium sized businesses. With changing laws and workplace behaviours, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure you’re treating your staff correctly and following processes compliantly. To keep on top of all that is a full-time job in itself. And that’s why we exist! From our HR Helpdesk, to our Document Management System, to our Health and Safety solutions, our happy customers trust us to be their outsourced HR Team. And we work hard to relieve business owners of any people-based headaches, so they can focus on moving their business forward.

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What our clients say about us

People Based Solutions assisted us in managing a number of HR projects including a TUPE transfer of a number of employees joining our business. They supported us in managing the whole process from start to finish including helping us change some existing terms and conditions through a so called “ETO”. People Based Solutions offered a good quality and value for money service. They delivered all their projects to our satisfaction.

Paul Biddle, Director, B&M Solutions Ltd.

Sean McCann, the Managing Director of People Based Solutions has worked with the University of Liverpool Management School MBA Careers Service in supporting and developing students on our MBA programmes.

In addition to assisting as an Assessment Centre Assessor, he delivered seminars on conflict management and leadership development.

Sean’s knowledge and expertise in the areas of leadership, conflict management, executive assessment and psychometrics have made a significant contribution to the executive development of our MBA students. I am happy to endorse Sean’s skills as an HRD professional.

Fiona McNamara, MBA Careers Adviser, The University of Liverpool Management School.

People Based Solutions supported us in managing an organisational restructure.

They were more than just consultants offering advice, but adopted the role of business partners working with and alongside our management team in making sure the process ran smoothly, all the paperwork was correct, and that staff morale was maintained.

They treated our business as if it was their business. We are very pleased with the work they did for us, and are happy to recommend them.

Richard Lowry, Director, Dartswift International Ltd

Our HR support packages


Enjoy speedy access to expert HR advice from 9:00am to 5:00pm (Monday – Friday), by email, over the phone or through the portal.

From £99 per month



All employment contracts, handbooks and policies and procedures will meet current legal requirements. All employee correspondence will be consistent with your policies and procedures

From £125 per month


12 hours per active employee per annum to be used for help and support with operational and strategic HR projects. Our top level support package.

From £499 per month

Extra services – these can be added to all packages:

PBR HR Software – Store comprehensive records of employees safely, securely and all in one place, including personal details, job and pay history, holiday management, time and attendance, e-clock, training records, compliance and asset issue.

Document Management System -Store and access up to 10GB of digital or scanned records, including letters, reports, emails, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

For any questions, please call us on 01925425957 or email us at enquiries@peoplebasedsolutions.co.uk

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