Half of UK workers search for a new job whilst at work

One of the top job search sites, Monster.co.uk has revealed research which shows that half of UK workers are searching for new jobs while at their desks, with 49% of job searches via Monster’s mobile app taking place between 9am-5pm.  The research also found that more people than ever are now searching on the go for their perfect job, with nearly a third of UK job seekers (32%) searching on their mobile devices and over a quarter using job focused apps (26%). Monster also saw a 58% increase in the amount of people actively searching for a new job via their mobile phones on their commute home (5-7pm) perhaps prompted by a tough day at work.

It seems that the transition to mobile devices for job seeking is even more prevalent amongst Generation Z (those born after 1995) with 56% saying they have searched via mobile for a job and a third (33%) saying they’ve even applied for a job from their mobile device. Almost a third (30%) of Millennials have also applied for a job via their mobiles, followed by 22% of Generation Z and 14% of Baby Boomers.

However, despite evidence of the increasing use of mobiles for job searches, only 49% of HR professionals currently believe that having a mobile friendly job site is important for their organisation’s recruitment and 9% admit that it’s not always possible to apply for the jobs they advertise via mobile. Research has also shown that over 50% of candidates who attempt to apply for a job on a mobile device abandon the process due to technical difficulties.

With the UK’s employment levels remaining steady and job vacancies increasing, the job market is at its most competitive. Monster warns that employers who aren’t adapting their recruitment strategies quickly enough to reflect this transition risk missing out on key talent.  Monster.co.uk’s VP of Marketing Europe, Sinead Bunting, comments, ‘Generation Z are a mobile first generation, turning to their phones for dating, shopping and now to boost their careers. Today’s job seekers expect to be able to view jobs seamlessly on their mobile devices and to be able to apply for them quickly and easily’.

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