The following conversation took place just before breakfast on 25th December:

Santa and Rudolph sat down next to each other, exhilarated and exhausted, after yet another successful ‘round the world trip. “Well”, said Rudolph, “It was hard work, but we’ve done it again, Santa! A present for every child….”

Santa nodded his head in agreement, surveyed the empty sleigh with a sense of pride and said: “The thing is, Rudolph, it doesn’t get any easier! Making sure we have the right helpers, with the right skills, who share our vision of making sure every child, who’s been good, wakes up to a present on Christmas morning is a challenge.”

Rudolph rolled his eyes and exclaimed: “Yeah, and all that paperwork!”

“If only we had system that kept our records secure and backed up and was able to manage, attendance, absence, holiday and compliance records simply and reliably.”

Santa recalled the time when Prancer and the elves fell out, “I thought we’d never get back on track.”

Rudolph gave a sigh “When Donna and Blitzen we’re caught having a sneaky port on Christmas Eve, leaving us two reindeers short on Christmas Day. I’m so glad I trained others in the herd how to pull the sleigh.”

Santa gave a wry smile as he recalled the shenanigans at the Easter party…!

“Yes”, said Rudolph, “Managing your little helpers is never easy. Work got slack over the summer, and we had to lay off some of the elves. I didn’t know where to start. Then it got really busy by mid-November. We had to draft in extra elves on temporary contracts and at very short notice.”

Santa laughed as he exclaimed: “Wouldn’t you know it, just 8 weeks before Christmas, 2 elves went off on long term sickness, 1 went off on maternity leave, another decided to adopt and 1 decided to share their partner’s maternity leave and pay!”

Santa poured himself a port and a got a warm mince pie, he passed Rudolph a carrot and a bowl of water (he’s reindeer, remember!). Santa looked into the middle distance and asked, “Do you know anyone who might be able to help next year?”

Rudolph smiled and said, “Funnily enough, Santa, I do…”

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