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No matter what the size of the business – big or small, there are employment laws and regulations that it must comply with. Small businesses may have limited resources, but they must still keep up with the myriad of important tasks necessary to maintain HR compliance.

In this article, we’ll explore what HR compliance involves for small businesses and how People Based Solutions can help your business maintain compliance.


What is HR compliance for small business?

HR compliance refers to a business’s process for ensuring its compliance with all relevant UK employment laws and working standards. HR compliance requires continuous effort and a multifaceted approach. There’s a lot to cover, so small businesses must be proactive, organised, and committed in their efforts to maintain compliance.


HR compliance for small business examples

Maintaining HR compliance requires a wide array of essential tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the most important elements involved in maintaining HR compliance for small business.


  • Create clear HR policies and procedures – These policies should clearly define what is acceptable conduct and outline prohibited behaviours to remain compliant with relevant UK employment laws and regulations. This includes creating policies on disciplinary actions, health and safety, grievances, equal opportunities, and more.
  • Conduct HR compliance training – Providing employees with training in important HR policies like anti-discrimination and anti-harassment improves compliance and demonstrates your business’s commitment to upholding high ethical standards.
  • Keep organised records and documentation – All UK employers are legally required to maintain detailed, accurate, and up-to-date HR records and documentation related to employee personal details, payroll, HR processes, disputes, and more.
  • Maintaining workplace health and safety – The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires all employers to create a safe working environment. This involves carrying out risk assessments and implementing necessary safety measures.

Each of these critical components helps small businesses comply with relevant UK employment laws and regulations while maintaining a safe workplace.


HR compliance for your small business with People Based Solutions

If your small business is struggling to keep up with the demanding requirements of HR compliance, let People Based Solutions provide the support you need.

We are a team of experienced HR professionals providing outsourced HR support services to small businesses in Warrington, throughout the North West of England, and further afield.

We offer two levels of HR support services – Basic or Professional, plus a flexible pay-as-you-go service. We help numerous small businesses maintain HR compliance by assisting them with creating HR policies, procedures, and documents and providing specialist HR advice on various matters.

For further help or advice with HR compliance for small business, speak to our team here at People Based Solutions by calling us on 01925 202 217. Our specialist HR services are dedicated to supporting small businesses in maintaining HR compliance.


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