A dog friendly office can motivate employees

As many as 42% of Millennials say that they would enjoy having a canine companion in the workplace. So, having a Pets at Work (PAW) scheme can make good sense for recruitment.  Even more importantly, it seems that it can actually give all your employees a boost as 24% of companies that have implemented PAW say that relationships in the workplace have been improved since their introduction. Add to this the fact that 40% say PAW programmes have enhanced their work/life balance, and 48% believe a dog could reduce stress.

As with any pet policy, introducing a PAW scheme requires careful consideration. But issues such as allergies and phobias need not put employers off having four-legged friends in the office.  Purina have introduced such a scheme for their employees and have considerable experience in this area.  All dogs at work have to go through a ‘pawthorisation’ process, with a three-month probation period, before they qualify for their ‘passpawt’.  They do have some dog-free areas and meeting rooms. They say that little ‘accidents’ are extremely rare (there are dog gardens for that!),and are cleaned up quickly

If you would like to find out more,  download the Purina Pets at Work toolkit for more information on how to start your own PAW.

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