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To ensure an accurate calculation, you should include statutory holidays in your contractual holiday entitlement.  The practice of saying X days holidays + Statutory holidays, e.g.  20 days + statutory can be inconsistent and potentially unlawful, so to ensure the consistent and lawful treatment of those who only work part of the holiday year,  the annual leave entitlement should be the total amount inclusive of statutory holidays, using the example above the figure for the calculator should be 28 days NOT 20.

If a particular leave year has more than 8 days statutory holidays, you need only add an additional day’s leave entitlement if it is a contractual term.

To see a list of bank holidays days and dates, click on the link below:

Bank Hoidays in England and Wales 2021 - 2023

To calculate the pro-rata annual leave entitlement for a part-time employee use the link below.

Pro-rata annual-leave and salary calculator for part-time employees

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