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HR Consultants for your business in Wigan

Wigan is an excellent place to be an entrepreneur. Home to over 12,000 businesses, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises, it boasts a strong independent economy, affordable office spaces, and a growing number of new businesses. It’s no wonder that so many new businesses choose to establish their roots in Wigan.

If you run a business in Wigan, you’ll know that your employees are your company’s biggest asset. Here at People Base Solutions, we are a team of HR consultants providing HR support to businesses based in Wigan and throughout Greater Manchester.

Whether you need help creating HR policies and procedures or advice on handling disciplinary and dismissal procedures, People Based Solutions can help. Call our team of HR consultants Wigan on 01925 202 217 to learn more and discuss your requirements.


HR services for small businesses in Wigan

Few small businesses have a dedicated HR department. Instead, HR tasks are usually carried out by the business owner or shared amongst employees. While this approach may work while your business’s HR needs are modest, as your business grows, so will its HR requirements.

Rather than hiring a full-time HR specialist, most small businesses find it much more cost-effective to outsource their HR needs to an HR consultancy Wigan. This provides them access to expert HR advice at a cost-effective price and frees up their time in-house to focus on growing the business.


HR services provided by People Based Solutions

At People Based Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of HR services, covering everything from strategic and operational HR to administrative and procedural HR services.

We understand that all business’s HR requirements are different, and that’s why we offer three distinct levels of service.


HR Assistant

HR Assistant is our most affordable service, and it is aimed at businesses with minimal requirements. As part of this service, you will receive advice and support from a qualified HR advisor, help drafting HR documents and pro forma letters, and access to our app and HR calculators.


HR Professional

Our HR Professional service is our most popular service. It features all the benefits of the HR Assistant plan, plus our team will carry out an HR Health Check to ensure that your existing HR practices are compliant and identify areas for improvement. We will also help create bespoke HR policies and procedures and a tailored employee handbook for your business.


Pay-as-You-Go HR

Our Pay-as-You-Go service is our most flexible service. It is ideal for businesses that have their day-to-day HR covered in-house but need advice or support from an HR expert managing an HR challenge, issue, or one-off project.


Why choose People Based Solutions for your Wigan HR consultancy?

At People Based Solutions, our team of HR consultants is the number one choice for HR services Wigan. No matter what level of service you require, you will receive the same high level of care and professionalism from our team. We aim to become an extension of your business, providing tailored, expert HR advice whenever you need it.

Ready to learn more? You can contact our team of HR consultants for Wigan by calling 01925 202 217.


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