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HR Consultants for your business in Liverpool

Liverpool is home to over 14,000 businesses, most of which are small or micro businesses. While running your own business can be hugely rewarding, it also comes with challenges. One of the biggest challenges for many small and medium-sized businesses is keeping up with their growing HR requirements.

People Based Solutions is an HR consultancy that provides flexible HR services to small businesses throughout Liverpool and the North West. Whether you need help creating HR policies or advice on managing employee conflict and disciplinaries, our experienced team can provide the perfect support package for your business.

Our fees are transparent and affordable, allowing businesses in Liverpool to get the HR support they need at a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR specialist full-time. Call our team of HR consultants Liverpool on 01925 202 217 to learn more and discuss your requirements.

HR services for small businesses in Liverpool

HR policies and processes are integral to the smooth and successful operation of businesses of all sizes. Most small businesses operate on modest budgets, and their HR requirements may not necessitate hiring a full HR department or even a full-time HR specialist. However, HR tasks can become time-consuming without an HR specialist, particularly as your business grows.

If you’ve reached a point where managing your small business’ HR demands has become unsustainable, outsourcing your HR needs to an HR consultancy like our team here at People Based Solutions could be the cost-effective and efficient solution you’re searching for.

HR services provided by People Based Solutions
Here at People Based Solutions, we already provide invaluable HR support to numerous Liverpool businesses.

Our HR services span strategic, operational, administrative, procedural, and legal requirements. We also cater to various requirements and budgets by offering three different service levels. You can choose from:

HR Assistant
Our most cost-effective HR service offers routine and standard HR advice from a qualified HR advisor, pro forma letter and other document drafting, and access to the People Based Solutions app and HR calculators.

HR Professional
Our most popular HR service has all the same features as our HR Assistant plan plus an ‘HR Health Check’ and the creation of HR policies, procedures, and an employee handbook.

Pay-as-You-Go HR
Our most flexible HR service plan is ideal for managing various HR challenges, issues, and projects. With this service plan, we help businesses manage redundancies, identify training needs, manage workplace conflicts and disputes, and assist with HR projects.

Our service plans start from just £150 per month.

Why choose People Based Solutions for your Liverpool HR consultancy?

At People Based Solutions, we pride ourselves on combining professionalism, expertise, and transparent, affordable pricing to provide trusted HR services in Liverpool tailored to your needs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable HR consultants will become an extension of your business, providing dedicated HR support to ensure your business remains compliant with laws and regulations and allow you and your team to focus on growing your business.

You can contact our team of HR consultants Liverpool by calling 01925 202 217. Get in touch to learn more and discuss your requirements.

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