• Access to the PBS HR software for all employee records.
  • Unlimited licenses.
  • Access and permissions set by the user.
  • Employees self-serve, including a phone and tablet app.
  • Comprehensive record keeping system including: employee details, job and pay history, holiday management, time and attendance, time sheets, e- clock, training records, compliance and asset issue.



  • £16 +VAT per calendar month for 1 – 10 employees.
  • £22+VAT per calendar month for 11- 24 employees.
  • £30 +VAT per calendar month for 25-49 employees.
  • £40 +VAT per calendar month for 50- 99 employees.

100 + employees price on application

N.B. This pricing structure is only available to clients who have subscribed to the HR Help Desk products.


  • Gives employers instant access to key employee information
  • Maintaining accurate employee records is less time consuming.
  • Easy access to employee information to those who need it.
  • Eliminates information silos and the duplication of records.
  • Employee data is secure and recoverable.
  • Managers have the ability to access employee records anywhere, anytime.


People Based HR