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Effective human resources management is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced business environment. There are countless benefits to investing in HR, but still, many businesses struggle to keep up with their ever-growing requirements.

If you need HR support, People Based Solutions is a local team of HR specialists dedicated to providing bespoke and affordable HR outsourcing support and services to businesses both locally to Warrington and North West UK, and nationwide.

If the concept of outsourcing is new to you, you may hesitate to reach out. If you’re unsure if outsourcing HR tasks is right for your business, this insightful article will help you to come to a more informed decision. We will explain how HR outsourcing works, its advantages, and how our team here at People Based Solutions can help.


What is meant by outsourcing HR?

Not every business has the expertise and resources required to manage all HR functions effectively in-house. Keeping up with growing HR requirements can be particularly challenging for small businesses and startups. However, even larger businesses may find themselves struggling if their growth outpaces the capabilities of their existing HR department.

Regardless of size, all businesses have a variety of HR responsibilities. These encompass various HR functions and tasks, including staff training and development, compliance, managing sickness and absence, payroll, and more. All of these HR functions are essential to a business’s smooth and successful running. These tasks still need to be completed without a dedicated HR department, so they often fall to other staff members or the business owner. The problem with this is that it diverts their focus away from their core role and the development and growth of the business.

It is in these situations that some businesses choose to outsource all or some of their HR requirements. HR outsourcing is the process of delegating HR tasks or queries to an external business. These outsourcing services then alleviate some of the HR burden from the business by supporting them in the areas they require, whether with strategic, operational, administrative, procedural, or legal HR requirements.

HR outsourcing services are usually run by highly experienced HR professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Outsourcing services come in all different shapes and sizes, making it possible to choose a bespoke service that meets your business needs and budget perfectly. Whether you need help with a one-off problem or ongoing support with a particular HR task, outsourcing can provide a simple, affordable, and hassle-free solution.


What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

Outsourcing HR functions offers a range of benefits and addresses various challenges that many businesses today face. In this section, we will explore the key advantages of outsourcing and explain how HR outsourcing services could help to transform your business operations.

Frees up time and resources – If your in-house employees spend a lot of time on HR tasks, this detracts attention away from their core roles. Outsourcing your HR requirements to the experts can help free up more time and resources in-house to grow the business.

Cost-efficient – Outsourcing HR is often more economical than maintaining a full-time, in-house HR department, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing reduces the overhead costs associated with hiring, training, and infrastructure for HR staff.

Improves compliance – HR outsourcing services are run by highly experienced HR professionals who help ensure businesses adhere to the ever-changing HR laws and regulations. This helps safeguard a business’s reputation and prevent it from encountering legal issues.

Affordable access to expertise – HR is now more complex than ever, encompassing various specialist functions, including employee benefits, staff training and development, HR technology, HR operations, performance management, employee relations, recruitment, payroll, compliance, and more. Outsourcing enables businesses to tap into a pool of experts across various HR domains at a fraction of the cost of employing multiple in-house professionals.

Scalable – With HR outsourcing, you can scale your level of service up or down as your business needs change. This cost-effective solution helps ensure that your business always has the right level of support.

Improves efficiency – Outsourcing your HR needs to highly experienced HR professionals allows you to tap into their many years of experience and learn how to streamline your HR processes, employ best practices, and discover the latest in HR technologies to enhance your business’s overall efficiency.

Reduce errors – If your business’s HR needs exceed the capacity of its HR team, there’s a higher risk of costly errors. Outsourcing to a specialist HR service helps to minimise the risk of errors in areas like payroll and compliance.

Access HR software – Outsourcing services often include access to HR software and technologies, which might be too expensive or complex for some businesses to implement in-house.

Objective perspective – It can be beneficial to receive impartial guidance or feedback on sensitive internal HR matters. If you are managing a disciplinary issue or handling a grievance, then getting an objective opinion on the problem can help ensure the conflict is resolved fairly.


How much does outsourcing HR in Warrington cost?

Many Warrington businesses outsource their HR requirements to third-party providers to receive expert advice and hassle-free, professional services at affordable prices.

In many circumstances, HR outsourcing works out cheaper than employing an in-house expert, making it an increasingly popular option, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

The cost of outsourcing HR in Warrington varies depending on the size of the business, its specific HR requirements, the service required, and the chosen provider. However, on average, businesses in Warrington can expect to pay between £150 and £300 per month for HR outsourcing.

Here at People Based Solutions, we offer three different levels of service. These are as follows:

  • HR Assistant – starting at £150/month
  • HR Professional – starting at £200/month
  • Pay-as-you-go HR – bespoke pricing


Our plans include expert advice on any HR matter provided via phone, email, or our online web portal. It also includes access to the People Based Solutions app and HR calculators. HR outsourcing services are usually charged on a monthly fixed fee basis; however, hiring an HR consultant on either an hourly, daily, or fixed-fee basis is possible.

When considering whether the price of outsourcing your HR is worth it, it’s important to factor in the time and resources that it will save your business. Outsourcing to a third-party business frees up your employees’ time to focus on the core business activities.

Outsourcing HR tasks to the experts can also be a smart long-term investment, as it can help ensure that your business remains compliant with all relevant HR regulations and best practices. This helps to minimise the risk of your business encountering expensive and damaging legal issues or compliance breaches.


Outsourcing HR in Warrington with People Based Solutions

If your Warrington business’s HR workload starts feeling out of control, it’s time to act before your business is negatively impacted. Getting behind with or neglecting your HR responsibilities could result in fines, poor employee retention, damage to your business’s reputation, or even legal action.

People Based Solutions is a Warrington-based business with extensive knowledge of the local business landscape. We’ve helped countless businesses from Warrington, the North West, and nationwide to grow by taking care of their HR requirements.

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